Preventing Injuries this Winter

Preventing Injuries this Winter:

During the winter, it can be tempting to put off exercising till the weather warms up. Big mistake! When you do need to suddenly exert your body, an injury is more likely to happen. If so, it’s not just the injury that is problematic, the muscles may tense up to protect the injury. When muscles are in a tense or shortened state, they pull on other parts of the body and create a vicious pain cycle.

For example, a tight quadratus lumborum, or QL, may cause the pelvis to tilt by pulling one side upwards. If the pelvis remains in this wrong position too long, other muscles may begin to compensate for it and then become tight as well, causing a chain reaction of misalignment and pain throughout the body. Because the body systems are so highly interconnected, this could further cause poor sleep, leading to stress, too much stress can cause a weakened immune system, a weak immune system can result in infection, and so on. Therefore it’s best to do everything possible to prevent injury. However, this is not done by avoiding exercise but engaging in it at an appropriate intensity level because lack of exercise means lack of lymphatic circulation.

The lymph is a critical part of the immune system and unlike the circulatory system, the lymphatic system doesn’t have a pump to circulate it, only exercise and manual therapy such as osteopathy will do that.

One way is to help prevent injury that may not be as obvious is to consume plenty of water so that when your muscles and fascia glide against each other, it happens smoothly without causing knots and irritation. Another method of injury prevention this winter is to receive regular osteopathic treatment to maintain your joint mobility.

Have fun and stay warm out there!


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