About David Raes, Ostepathic Manual Practitioner, Master Herbalist

Hi, my name is David Raes, an osteopathic manual practitioner and master herbalist, born and raised in Sarnia, ON. I have a passion to see people live pain-free healthy lives and it is an honour to be a part of your health journey. 

My own story is that some years ago  I sustained an injury requiring surgery. Afterwards, there were a few complications for which I couldn’t find any help from our conventional health system. 

David Raes Registered Manual Osteopath Vivify Holistic Osteopathy Sarnia
As I began to look into the holistic health field for myself, I  became very excited about the possibilities because I could see how it would help so many others I knew who were struggling in their health and couldn’t find answers. The first modality I studied was herbalism through the School of Natural Healing. I am awed by how the human body can consume herbs and repurpose their natural defenses, plant chemicals called secondary metabolites, and use them for its own defense against pathogens as well as other healing properties.  I am particularly interested in their utility for clients suffering from the effects of tick-borne ailments.
Next, I studied manual osteopathy at the National Academy of Osteopathy  because I wanted to understand and be able to more directly address the musculoskeletal issues as well, not just physiology. 

In osteopathic treatment, the body truly is a unit and compensation patterns develop throughout it. I love the paradigm of the structure governing the function. As we correct the structure, the impinged nerves, arteries, etc are able to resume their roles in supplying oxygen, nutrition, and communication signals to other parts of the body.

Most recently I’ve begun to incorporate microcurrent point stimulation therapy. This allows us to directly influence the nervous system, reducing stress throughout the body, both generally and specifically. I am especially excited about its potential for those with radiculopathy, post-concussion syndrome, nervous system disorders and so much more. MPS allows for a truly holistic approach to addressing health issues in multiple body systems. I look forward to meeting you and helping you on your own journey to health.

In pain? Let me help you feel better.