Lower Back Pain?

Do you have lower back pain?

You’re not alone. According to Statistics Canada, four out of five Canadians will experience at least one episode of back pain in their lives. There are various causes of lower back pain but one prominent cause afflicting many people undetected is anterior pelvic tilt.

This condition often develops with careers that require long periods of sitting down. When the legs are in the sitting position, the hips are constantly flexed and therefore the hip flexor muscles can become tight. Tight hip flexors pull on the pelvis which tilts it forward and downward. This causes a lot of stress in the lower back as the curve increases too much, a condition called hyperlordosis. Eventually the upper back tries to compensate and develops too much of a curve in the opposite direction, called hyperkyphosis. This causes even more pain.

If this is a condition you are dealing with, there is hope. David Raes can help with manual osteopathy, treating both the tight hip flexor muscles as well as the stressed-out back. Click here to book your appointment today.


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