Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

Here we are, on the brink of 2019! 2018 went by so fast it seems! I want to thank everyone who has been involved with Vivify Holistic this year. I’m very excited about the new year. I want to share some of my goals for the coming year:

1) Focusing on the needs of Sarnia

While I love London, I have decided to reduce hours at the London clinic and increase my time treating the good residents of my hometown Sarnia. I will be looking for a clinic that will be the right fit for me, as well as a great team of people. I will be on the search for that, but I until I find one, I’ll be working on goal number 2. 

2) Mobile Osteopathy

I’ve been thinking about the needs of the community and it seems there is a growing need for in-home therapy. This will help those who want to remain living independently as long as they can, especially for those who are no longer driving. I think this will be a great benefit to the community.

3) Microcurrent for brain health

Another service I want to spend more time on, which I think will be a great benefit in Sarnia is trans-cranial microcurrent treatments. Microcurrent applied to the specific points on the cranium dramatically reduces cortisol affecting the brain. Several studies have showed the negative impacts that high amounts of cortisol have on the brain. This will be a great help not only for the elderly concerned about brain health, but also for those with concussions, and dealing with stress.

4) Drinking more water!

I personally need to drink more water! My problem is that I love carbonated drinks, and most of them are dehydrating. Pepsi is better than Coke by the way. Recently I started drinking plain club soda, and I actually don’t mind it. So this should help going forward. Water is so important for the health of every part of our body!

Have happy new year everyone!

Happy New Year Vivify Holistic Osteopathy Sarnia