Types of Conditions We Treat

Types of Conditions We Can Treat With
Osteopathy and MPS Therapy

Manual osteopaths treat a wide range of conditions as they have an expert knowledge of the workings of all your joints, muscles and body systems.

Manual osteopaths treat the cause, not the symptoms, to help your body return to its natural, healthy state.

Osteopathy and MPS is safe and extremely effective in treating people of all ages.

We Treat A Variety of Conditions Including

РRepetitive strain injuries 

– Nerve impingment


– Headaches

Scar tissue

– Neck pain, tightness

– Sore shoulders and restricted motion

– Jaw pain, Temporomandibular disorders (TMD)

– Pain and restriction in the arms and wrists

– Back pain

– Pelvic pain

– Pain and restriction in the hips

– Pain and restriction in the legs

Back Pain Relief At Vivify Holistic Osteopathy Sarnia

In pain? Let me help you feel better.